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free port a port that is open to all ships. [2 definitions]
home port the location of a vessel between trips or during maintenance servicing, or its port of registration. [2 definitions]
port authority a government agency concerned with the road, air, and water traffic of a port or city.
Port Louis the seaport capital of Mauritius.
Port Moresby the seaport capital of Papua New Guinea.
port of call a port where a ship regularly docks during the course of a longer voyage in order to load and unload passengers and cargo, make repairs, or the like.
port of entry a place where travelers or goods may enter or leave a country under the supervision of customs officials.
Port-au-Prince the seaport capital of Haiti.
Port-of-Spain the seaport capital of Trinidad and Tobago.
Port-Salut a semihard yellow cheese made from whole cow's milk.
treaty port a port kept open to foreign trade by treaty, esp. one of several formerly in China, Korea, and Japan.