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baking powder a powder containing sodium bicarbonate and an acidic substance, that serves as a leavening agent in baking by releasing carbon dioxide when mixed with water, thereby causing the dough to rise.
chili powder a powdered seasoning of dried chilies, garlic, cumin, and the like.
curry powder a mixture of spices such as turmeric and coriander, used as a seasoning.
dusting powder any fine light powder that prevents sticking or, when containing dried chemicals or scents, is used as an insecticide, medicine, or toiletry.
face powder a dustlike cosmetic substance composed of talcum, used esp. to absorb excess oil.
giant powder dynamite made of nitroglycerin, sulfur, sodium nitrate, rosin, and usu. kieselguhr, and used for blasting.
Goa powder see "araroba."
powder blue a pale blue color, sometimes having a slight gray or purple cast.
powder burn a skin burn caused by an explosion of gunpowder at close range.
powder horn a container made from a cow's or an ox's horn, used to carry gunpowder.
powder puff a soft ball or pad of cotton or the like, used for applying powder to the skin.
powder room a lavatory for the use of female guests, as at a restaurant.
take a powder (old-fashioned; slang) to hurriedly disappear.
talcum powder a soft, fine-grained powder made of refined talc, usu. scented and used on the body.
tooth powder a powder used to brush the teeth.