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caliper rule a graduated rule with one jaw that slides and one that is fixed.
gag rule a rule or law that restricts discussion of a particular topic, as in a legislative body.
golden rule a rule of conduct that is usu. phrased "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".
ground rule (usu. pl.) basic rules governing the behavior in a given situation, esp. as concerns the playing of a game on a particular field, course, or court.
home rule the principle or practice of self-government by the citizens of a country, state, or city, esp. as granted by a controlling authority.
rule of three the method of finding the fourth term of a mathematical proportion when three terms are given, the product of the first and fourth terms being equal to the product of the second and third.
rule of thumb a general rule or method based on practical experience rather than scientific proof. [2 definitions]
rule out to remove from consideration.
rule the roost to dominate or control one's family or associates.
self-rule self-government.
slide rule a calculation device, consisting of a ruler with a sliding middle piece, both sides and the middle piece being marked with different number scales.