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in the saddle having authority; in a position to direct.
saddle block anesthesia a method of spinal anesthesia, often used during childbirth, that produces numbness in the perineal area.
saddle horse a horse bred, trained, and used for riding. [2 definitions]
saddle roof a roof with a gable at either end of the ridge.
saddle seat a chair seat that is slightly concave and has a lengthwise central ridge.
saddle shoe an oxford shoe, usu. white, with a band of contrasting leather, usu. brown, across the instep.
saddle soap a soap, usu. containing neat's-foot oil, used to clean and soften leather.
saddle sore an irritation or sore on a horse or rider caused by the friction of a saddle.
saddle-backed having a low back or upper side curved like a saddle. [2 definitions]
Western saddle a heavy saddle, similar to that used by cowboys, that has a deep seat, a high cantle and pommel, and a horn projecting above the pommel.