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band saw a power saw consisting of an endless metal belt, with teeth along one edge, that runs between two pulleys.
buzz saw a power-operated circular saw.
chain saw a portable power saw that cuts by means of teeth set into a revolving chain.
circular saw a power saw featuring a disk-shaped blade that is rotated at high speed. [2 definitions]
coping saw a handsaw with a thin blade that is attached to the handle by a U-shaped frame, used for cutting curved shapes into wood.
fret saw a fine-toothed saw with a narrow blade set in a U-shaped frame, used to cut ornamental patterns in wood and other materials.
miter saw a kind of saw1 used to make special cuts in wood.
pit saw a large saw used to cut wood lengthwise that is handled by two persons, one positioned on the log and the second in a pit or trench beneath it.
radial saw a power tool consisting of a circular saw suspended from a pivoted horizontal arm; radial arm saw.
sabre saw a portable electric jigsaw.
saw-toothed having teeth or notched edges like a saw, as various plants; serrate.
scroll saw a narrow, ribbonlike, vertically mounted saw used for cutting curves and irregular shapes in wood.
table saw a circular saw positioned beneath a table so that its blade projects above the surface, allowing it to cut objects placed on top of the table.