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re-search to search again.
right of search the right of a nation at war to stop and search a neutral ship on the open sea.
search and rescue an operation undertaken by trained emergency workers to find and rescue persons lost, missing, or injured in a remote or dangerous place.
search box in computing, a box in a graphical user interface for typed input into a program that attempts to find matching terms in a file or collection of files.
search engine a software program that searches a database or network, esp. the Internet, for data, files, or documents containing terms specified by the user.
search me (informal) used in speaking to say that one does not have the information that another person is seeking. It can also give the impression that one does not care about this matter.
search party a group of people organized to search for someone or something that is missing.
search warrant a legal document authorizing a police officer to search a specified person, premise, or dwelling.
soul-searching the act or process of subjecting one's actions, motives, or moral character to close, thorough examination.
strip-search to require (a person such as a prisoner or suspect) to remove all clothing and be searched. [2 definitions]