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culture shock the anxiety, irritation, or confusion experienced by someone exposed to a culture with customs or behaviors different from those of his or her own culture.
future shock the physical or psychological distress caused by the inability to adjust to the many technological changes in modern society.
insulin shock hypoglycemia caused by excessive insulin in the blood, and characterized by shakiness, cold sweat, convulsions, and eventually coma.
shell shock any of several neuroses resulting from traumatic experiences in war or combat.
shock absorber any of several devices that absorb the force of impacts, esp. a hydraulic or pneumatic tube in the suspension system of an automobile.
shock therapy a method of treating certain mental disorders by electric shock or drugs; electroconvulsive therapy; shock treatment.
shock troops soldiers specially trained and equipped to lead assaults.
shock wave a compression wave, such as that produced by an explosion; blast. [2 definitions]
toxic-shock syndrome a sometimes fatal disease, esp. contracted by young women during menstruation, characterized by fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, and thought to be connected with the use of certain tampons that cause a rapid spread of bacterial infection in the vagina.