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folk song a piece of vocal folk music. [2 definitions]
part song a song written for several voice parts, to be sung without accompaniment.
song and dance (informal) an effort to persuade, mislead, or deceive by an elaborate or irrelevant explanation or story. [2 definitions]
Song of Solomon a book of the Old Testament, once attributed to King Solomon, that contains a collection of dramatic and lyrical love poems and has been the subject of many allegorical interpretations; Song of Songs; Canticle of Canticles.
song sparrow a common North American songbird with streaked brownish plumage.
song thrush a common Eurasian songbird with brown upper plumage and a white, brown-spotted breast.
swan song the final action or appearance of someone or something.
theme song a melody or song identified with a play, movie, television program, or the like, esp. one used as an introduction or closing, or one used to create a certain mood or tone.
torch song a popular song of failure or unhappiness in love.
work song a folk song that is sung as an accompaniment to and often to establish the tempo of manual labor such as the laying of railroad ties.