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box spring a cloth-covered bedspring having rows of individual but connected helical springs inside a boxlike frame.
farewell-to-spring a flowering plant of the western United States that bears bright blooms of pink, white, or purple.
hot spring a natural, usu. mineral spring having water warmer than body temperature.
leaf spring a long narrow spring made up of several strips or layers of metal, used in automobile suspensions and the like.
spring chicken a young chicken suitable for broiling or frying.
spring fever the feelings of listlessness or restlessness that may affect people at the beginning of spring.
spring lock a lock in which a spring automatically shoots the bolt.
spring tide the tides that occur soon after the new or full moon and have the greatest rise and fall. (Cf. neap.) [2 definitions]
thermal spring a spring with water that is of a higher temperature than the mean annual temperature of the spring's locale.