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club steak a beefsteak cut from the upper end of the short loin.
Delmonico steak (sometimes l.c.) a beefsteak cut from the forward end of the short loin; club steak.
minute steak a small, thin piece of steak, often cubed, that cooks quickly.
round steak a cut of beef from between the rump and the top of the hind leg.
Salisbury steak a seasoned patty of ground beef, fried or broiled and often served with gravy.
steak tartare raw ground beef mixed with onion, seasonings, and raw egg and eaten uncooked, sometimes as an appetizer; tartar steak.
strip steak a cut of boneless porterhouse.
Swiss steak a thick cut of steak coated with flour, pounded with a meat hammer or the like, braised, and served with a sauce of tomatoes and other vegetables.
T-bone steak a cut of tenderloin meat characterized by its T-shaped bone.
tartar steak raw ground beefsteak mixed with raw egg and seasonings and served with a garnish of parsley or capers; steak tartare.