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sweet alyssum a low-growing garden plant bearing small white or violet flowers.
sweet cherry a tree having reddish brown bark and bearing white flowers and sweet, edible fruit. [2 definitions]
sweet cicely any of various herblike plants of North America or Europe that bear clusters of small white flowers and have aromatic roots or leaves.
sweet corn any of various types of corn having sweet, edible kernels.
sweet flag a marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots, and bearing tiny green flowers.
sweet gum a large North American tree having maplelike leaves and bearing prickly ball-shaped fruit. [3 definitions]
sweet marjoram an annual herb with aromatic leaves that are often dried and used in cooking.
sweet nothings (informal) whispered, often nonsense words or phrases of affection, such as those exchanged by lovers.
sweet pea a climbing plant that is related to the pea and that bears fragrant, variously colored, butterfly-shaped flowers.
sweet pepper a type of red pepper plant that bears a large, mild, bell-shaped fruit; capsicum. [2 definitions]
sweet potato a tropical vine, native to parts of America, that bears purple flowers and has an edible orange root. [2 definitions]
sweet roll a round, sweetened bread made from rolled dough, served as a single portion, and eaten generally as a breakfast food. Sweet rolls may contain cinnamon, raisins, nuts, or other flavorings and may be topped with icing.
sweet tooth (informal) a liking or craving for candy, cake, or other foods with a high sugar content.
sweet william a perennial plant, related to the pinks, that bears flat, thick clusters of variously colored flowers.
sweet-and-sour prepared with a sauce containing sugar, a tart ingredient such as lemon juice or vinegar, and seasonings.
sweet-talk (informal) to use flattery or beguiling words in order to persuade; cajole.