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d.t.'s abbreviation of "delirium tremens," a condition caused by chronic excessive drinking of alcohol and characterized by hallucinations, trembling, and anxiety.
on the q.t. (informal) in stealth or secret; quietly.
q.t. (informal) abbreviation of "quiet time."
T cell a lymphocyte affected by the thymus that acts as a defense against certain intracellular pathogens.
T square a T-shaped ruler having a short crosspiece that fits over the edge of a drawing board, used by drafters to draw parallel lines.
T-bar a metal bar or beam with a cross section resembling a T. [2 definitions]
T-bill abbreviation of "Treasury bill."
T-bone steak a cut of tenderloin meat characterized by its T-shaped bone.
T-shirt a collarless undershirt with short sleeves, worn esp. by men and boys. [2 definitions]
T-strap a T-shaped strap over the instep of a woman's or girl's shoe. [2 definitions]
T. rex shortened form of "Tyrannosaurus rex," a large carnivorous North American dinosaur of the Cretaceous period that had small forelimbs and walked on its hind legs; tyrannosaur.
to a T completely and suitably; to perfection.