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throw in the sponge
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a sea animal that has a body with many small holes or channels that water can flow through. Sponges are often shaped like a fat tube. Thousands of kinds of sponges live in the ocean. Most kinds of sponges live in groups, or colonies, on coral reefs, rocks, shells, or other objects.
definition 2: the light mass of skeleton that comes from certain types of sponges. One bunch of this skeleton material can hold a lot of water when it is wet. People use sponges for cleaning and bathing.
definition 3: an artificial material with many small holes that can soak up water easily.
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phrase: throw in the sponge
part of speech: verb
inflections: sponges, sponging, sponged
definition 1: to wipe, clean, or make wet with a sponge.
My parents sponge the floor every Sunday.
definition 2: to soak up or wipe with a sponge (usually followed by "up").
My dad sponged up the water that had spilled on the floor.
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derivation: spongelike (adj.)
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