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ectomorphic of a slender, lightly muscled body structure. (Cf. endomorphic, mesomorphic.)
-ectomy removal by surgery; excision.
ectopic out of the normal place, as an organ of the body or a pregnancy.
ectopic pregnancy a pregnancy in which a fertilized ovum begins developing outside the uterus, as in a fallopian tube.
ectoplasm the outer part of the material surrounding the nucleus of a cell. (Cf. endoplasm.)
ectoplasmic pertaining to or associated with the ectoplasm.
Ecuador a South American country on the Pacific coast between Colombia and Peru.
ecumenical of or relating to unity, or efforts to achieve unity, among all the Christian religions. [2 definitions]
ecumenicism see "ecumenism."
ecumenism a movement to unify Christianity.
eczema a skin disease that causes redness, itching, and scaly or crusty sores.
-ed used to form the past tense and past participle of regular verbs. [3 definitions]
ed. abbreviation of "editor," "edited," or "edition." [2 definitions]
Edam a hard, mild, yellow cheese formed in rounds and usu. covered with red wax.
Ed.D. abbreviation of "Doctor of Education."
Edda either of two early Icelandic literary works, one a collection of religious and mythological poems, and the other a summary of Norse mythology and a manual on poetry.
eddy a small current of water, air, fog, dust, or the like that moves contrary to the main current, esp. rotating like a whirlpool. [2 definitions]
edelweiss a small plant of the Alps, having whitish woolly leaves and bearing white flowers.
edema an abnormal accumulation of watery fluid in tissues or cavities of the body.
Eden according to the Old Testament, the garden in which Adam and Eve, the first humans, lived in a state of perfection; Garden of Eden; paradise. [2 definitions]
edentate having no teeth; toothless. [3 definitions]