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I've contracted form of "I have."
ivied overgrown with ivy, as a wall.
ivory the hard, white, toothlike substance that forms the tusks of elephants and other animals. [7 definitions]
Ivory Coast a West African country on the Atlantic coast between Ghana and Liberia.
ivory nut the hard, ivorylike seed of a small South American palm, used for buttons, ornaments, and the like.
ivory tower a position that is removed from practical concerns, or an attitude of withdrawal or aloofness.
ivy a climbing, woody vine that has shiny evergreen leaves, bears black berries, and is often used as an ornamental covering on buildings; English ivy. [2 definitions]
Ivy League an association of eight prestigious colleges and universities in the northeastern United States, including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. [2 definitions]
ixora a tropical evergreen plant of the madder family that is often grown in greenhouses.
ixtle variant of istle.
Iyar the eighth month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late April through early May in the Gregorian calendar.
-ization process, action, or result of making or doing.
-ize to become, or to cause to be, become, or be formed into. [4 definitions]
j the tenth letter of the English alphabet. [2 definitions]
jab to prod or poke, esp. with a pointed object. [4 definitions]
jabber to speak or make sounds like speech, quickly or at length, but without making much sense or creating much interest in the listener; babble. [2 definitions]
Jabberwocky in the nineteenth-century tale Through the Looking Glass, a poem containing many nonsense words. [2 definitions]
jabot a decorative ruffle on the front of a blouse or shirt that hangs down from the neck, formerly worn by men and now worn mostly by women.
jacal a hut made of closely set wooden stakes that is plastered with mud and roofed with straw or rushes, found in Mexico and the southwestern United States.
jacamar an exotic tropical American bird having iridescent green plumage and a long bill.
jacaranda any of several tropical American trees of the bignonia family, with compound leaves and clusters of pale purple flowers. [2 definitions]