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phono- voice; sound.
phonogram a sign or symbol in a phonetic writing system such as shorthand, that represents a word, phrase, syllable, or speech sound.
phonograph a machine that reproduces sound that has been recorded on a grooved disk; record player.
phonography the practice of transcribing speech sounds into symbols; phonetic spelling, writing, or transcription. [2 definitions]
phonolite a fine-grained volcanic rock that rings when it is struck.
phonology the study of speech sounds and their analysis in phonetics and phonemics.
phonon a quantum of sound or vibrational energy that is used to calculate the thermal and vibrational properties of solids. (Cf. photon.)
phonoscope a device that produces a visible representation of sound, used esp. to test the quality of the strings of musical instruments.
-phony sound (of a specified kind).
phony (informal) not real or genuine; fake. [2 definitions]
phooey used to express rejection, contempt, or disgust.
-phore one that bears or produces.
-phorous bearing or producing (used to form adjectives from certain nouns ending in -phore).
phosgene a highly volatile, colorless liquid or gas that is poisonous and is used as a chemical weapon and in the manufacture of products such as glass and plastics.
phosphate a salt or ester of a phosphoric acid. [3 definitions]
phosphate rock sedimentary rocks that contain large amounts of calcium phosphate, used in making fertilizer, phosphorous chemicals, and the like.
phosphatide a lipid compound, such as lecithin, that contains both phosphoric acid and glycerol and occurs in the fatty tissue of cellular organisms.
phosphide a chemical compound made of trivalent phosphorus and a radical or another element.
phosphite a salt of phosphorous acid.
phosphocreatine a form of creatine containing phosphate that supplies energy for muscle contraction.
phospholipid any of various phosphate-containing lipids that are commonly found in cell membranes.