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startling causing one to move suddenly or involuntarily because loud, sudden, or unexpected. [2 definitions]
start out to begin an extended trip, project, or other major undertaking. [5 definitions]
start over to start again.
start up to begin operation. [2 definitions]
starvation the act of starving or condition of being starved. [2 definitions]
starve to die or suffer from not eating and drinking. [5 definitions]
starved suffering from extreme deprivation of food. [2 definitions]
starveling an organism suffering from starvation. [3 definitions]
Star Wars a popular science fiction saga based on a series of commercially-successful motion pictures, the first of which was released in 1977. [2 definitions]
stash to hide or store secretly (sometimes fol. by "away"). [2 definitions]
stasis the state of equilibrium or balance between opposing forces; motionlessness. [2 definitions]
-stat an instrument or agent that stabilizes or controls, as by keeping something at a set level. [2 definitions]
state the condition of a person or thing according to its characteristics or circumstances. [11 definitions]
stateable combined form of state.
statecraft the art of leading or governing a nation; statesmanship.
stated fixed; established. [2 definitions]
statehood the condition, position, or status of being a state, esp. of the United States.
statehouse the official meeting place of a state legislature; state capitol.
stateless having no official nationality.
stately grand or majestic. [3 definitions]
statement something stated; assertion; declaration. [3 definitions]