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doubtable combined form of doubt.
doubtful having or causing doubt. [4 definitions]
doubting Thomas a person who is habitually skeptical or doubtful.
doubtless certainly. [3 definitions]
douche a stream or jet of water or air directed at or into a part or cavity of the body, in order to cleanse it. [5 definitions]
dough a thick mixture of flour or meal and a liquid such as water or milk that is prepared for baking into bread, cookies, or the like. Dough typically also includes some type of oil or fat. [3 definitions]
doughboy (informal) an infantryman, esp. an American in World War I.
doughnut a small, sweet, usu. ring-shaped cake that has been fried in deep fat. [2 definitions]
doughty consistently brave and strong; courageous.
doughy not thoroughly baked. [2 definitions]
Douglas fir a tall evergreen timber tree of western North America that has hard durable wood and short needles, and bears narrow cones.
Doulichion in Greek mythology, an island nearby Ithaca, Odysseus's home. [2 definitions]
dour sullen, ill-humored, or unfriendly. [3 definitions]
douse1 to place or plunge in water or another liquid; immerse. [4 definitions]
douse2 variant of dowse.
dove1 any of various small pigeons or pigeonlike birds. [4 definitions]
dove2 a past tense of dive.
dovecote a boxlike structure with compartments, usu. mounted above the ground, for housing domesticated pigeons.
Dover the capital of Delaware.
dovetail something resembling a dove's tail in shape, esp. a wedge-shaped part, or tenon, that protrudes from one piece of wood and fits snugly into a wedge-shaped opening, or mortise, in another piece of wood, forming a joint. [5 definitions]
dowager the widow of a duke, king, or the like who retains a title or holdings from her dead husband. [2 definitions]