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erg2 a vast area covered with sand dunes; desert.
ergo as a consequence; therefore.
ergocalciferol a sterol that can be converted into vitamin D and added to foods.
ergonomics (used with a sing. verb) the study of how to adapt machines or work space to human needs.
ergosterol a sterol derived from yeast which produces vitamin D2, used to prevent or cure certain diseases such as rickets.
ergot a fungal disease that infects the flowering stems of cereal plants and replaces the grains with hard, dark, fungal bodies. [3 definitions]
ergotism a severe poisoning caused by overdose of ergot compounds or by eating grain foods that are infested with ergot.
Eric Blair see "George Orwell."
Erick Honecker leader of Communist East Germany from 1971 to 1989 (b.1912--d.1994)
Eric the Red a Nordic outlaw and explorer who established the first Nordic settlement of Greenland in 985 (b.950--d.1003).
Erie Lake Erie, the southernmost of the Great Lakes between the United States and Canada. [2 definitions]
Erie Canal a U.S. canal that runs through New York State and connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. After many years of work, the canal was completed and opened in 1825.
Erik Torvaldsson see "Eric the Red."
Erin in literary usage, Ireland.
Erin go bragh Ireland forever (Irish Gaelic); (used to express loyalty to Ireland).
Eris in Greek mythology, the goddess of conflict or discord; Discordia.
Eritrea a country on the Red Sea, bordered by Sudan and Ethiopia; formerly a province of Ethiopia.
Erlenmeyer flask a conical laboratory flask with a broad, flat base and a short, narrow neck, used to mix liquids by hand.
ermine any of various weasels of northern regions that have white coats with black tail tips in the winter. [2 definitions]
erne any of several European sea eagles.
Ernest Hemingway U.S. fiction writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954 (b.1899--d.1961).