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megaparsec a unit of astronomical distance equal to one million parsecs.
megaphone a hand-held, funnel-shaped device used to amplify and direct the sound of a voice.
megapixel a unit equal to one million pixels that is used to measure the resolution of a digital image.
megaton a unit of power used in measuring the force of nuclear weapons, equal to the explosive force of a million tons of TNT.
megawatt unit of power equal to one million watts.
Meiji the name given to the reign of Emperor Mutsuhito of Japan, who ruled from 1867 to 1912.
Meiji Restoration a period in Japanese history that is characterized by the downfall of feudalism and the opening of Japan to trade and diplomatic relations with the West.
meiosis the process in which the diploid chromosomes of a cell are replicated once, followed by two divisions of the nucleus, to give rise to four haploid cells that may develop into gametes or spores.
Meistersinger a member of a medieval German guild organized for the cultivation of music and poetry.
Mekong a major river originating in China and flowing southeast through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
Mekong Delta an expansive delta region formed by the Mekong River in southeast Vietnam, whose wetlands make it a major rice producer. The Mekong Delta was a scene of heavy combat between U.S. and Viet Cong troops during the Viet Nam War.
Mekong River a major river originating in China and flowing southeast through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
melamed one who teaches children in a Jewish school.
melamine a white crystalline solid, used in the manufacture of resins.
melancholia a mental illness characterized by depression and withdrawal.
melancholic suffering or inclined to suffer from melancholy; sad, gloomy, or depressed. [2 definitions]
melancholy a sad, gloomy, or depressed state or quality. [3 definitions]
Melanesia one of the three principal Pacific island groups, south of the equator, stretching from northeast of New Guinea to Fiji. (Cf. Micronesia, Polynesia.)
Melanesian of or pertaining to Melanesia or its people, cultures, languages, or the like. [3 definitions]
mélange a mixture, usu. of very dissimilar elements.
melanin a dark pigment that colors the skin, hair, and other tissue of humans and some animals.