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mountain lion a large, powerful, tawny wild cat of the Western Hemisphere; cougar.
mountainous having many mountains. [2 definitions]
mountain range a series of mountains having a common origin and geological similarity.
mountain sheep any of various wild sheep that live in the mountains, esp. the bighorn.
mountain sickness nausea, weakness, and difficulty in breathing at high altitudes, caused by lack of oxygen.
mountainside any of the sloping surfaces of a mountain.
Mountain Standard Time the standard time used in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, seven hours behind Greenwich time.
mountaintop the highest part of a mountain; summit. [2 definitions]
mountebank one who, by jokes or tricks, shamelessly deludes an audience of potential buyers of a dubious line of products. [2 definitions]
mounted seated on or riding an animal, esp. a horse. [3 definitions]
Mount Everest the world's highest mountain, on the border between Nepal and Tibet.
Mount Holyoke a women's liberal arts college located in Massachusetts and founded in 1837.
Mountie (informal) an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
mounting the act of someone or something that mounts. [2 definitions]
Mount Sinai according to the Old Testament, the desert height on which Moses received from God the Ten Commandments and, according to rabbinic tradition, the whole body of law found in the Pentateuch and the Talmud.
mourn to feel or show deep sorrow or grief, esp. for the dead; grieve. [5 definitions]
mourner one that mourns. [2 definitions]
mournful extremely sad; sorrowful. [2 definitions]
mourning the acts, utterances, or feelings of one that mourns, esp. for the death of a relative or friend. [3 definitions]
mourning cloak a common butterfly of Europe and North America that has brown wings with purple spots and yellow edges.
mourning dove a variety of grayish dove that is identified by its plaintive cooing.