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nasturtium any of several trailing, edible garden plants, or their bright, usu. yellow, orange, or red flower.
nasty repellent, esp. to sight, smell, or taste; filthy or foul. [3 definitions]
nat.1 abbreviation of "national."
nat.2 abbreviation of "natural."
nat.3 abbreviation of "native."
natal of, concerning, or occurring at birth. [2 definitions]
natality birth rate.
natant swimming or floating on or in water.
natatorial of, pertaining to, or adapted for swimming.
natatorium a swimming pool and accompanying facilities, usu. indoors.
nates the buttocks, or a similar part in certain nonhuman organisms.
Nathaniel "Sweetwater" Clifton U.S. multi-sport athlete, who played with the Harlem Globetrotters prior to becoming the first African American to sign a contract to play in the National Basketball Association (1950) (b.1922--d.1990).
nation a people living in the same geographic region and having a common history, language, and culture. [3 definitions]
national of or pertaining to an entire nation. [3 definitions]
national anthem an official song or composed melody that expresses a nation's pride in itself.
national bank a bank chartered by the U.S. Government and required to be a member of the Federal Reserve System. [2 definitions]
National Basketball Association a major US sports league that organizes and regulates the highest level of men's professional basketball competition. (abbr.:NBA)
national debt the total financial indebtedness of the central government of a nation.
National Guard a U.S. military reserve force recruited and maintained by each state, but subject to the call of either the state or federal government.
National Health Service the British health service, largely financed by taxation, that provides free or inexpensive medical treatment. (abbr.:NHS)
nationalism concern for or devotion to one's own nation, esp. desire for national progress, defense, or independence. [2 definitions]