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Sardinia an Italian island in the Mediterranean, south of Corsica.
sardonic bitterly mocking; derisive; scornful.
sardonyx an onyx in which bands of sard alternate with a white chalcedony, used as a gemstone in cameos and the like.
sargassum any of various tropical floating seaweeds that have specialized branches bearing air sacs among the leaflike growths that extend from a central stem.
sari a long lightweight rectangle of fine cloth which, when wrapped around the waist and over the shoulder, becomes the normal dress of the majority of Hindu women.
sarin a highly toxic nerve gas that attacks the central nervous system, causing convulsions and death.
sarnie (chiefly British; informal) a sandwich.
sarod a stringed musical instrument of India that resembles the lute.
sarong a skirt made by wrapping cloth around the lower body and tucking it firmly at the waist, worn by men and women in Malaysia and certain Pacific islands.
SARS acronym of "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome," an atypical pneumonia with a high mortality rate, appearing on a wide scale in 2003.
sarsaparilla a woody, trailing plant of tropical America. [3 definitions]
SARS-coV-2 abbreviation of "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2," the scientific name for the novel coronavirus which first appeared in 2019 and causes the disease Covid-19.
sartorial of or pertaining to tailors or tailored clothing, especially men's clothing.
SASE abbreviation of "self-addressed stamped envelope."
sash1 a band of cloth worn about the waist or over the shoulder.
sash2 the frame that holds the glass panes of windows or doors in place. [2 definitions]
sashay (informal) to flounce or glide along. [2 definitions]
sash cord a weighted rope, attached to either side of a sliding window frame, that facilitates opening or closing a window.
sashimi a Japanese dish of very thin slices of raw fish served with soy sauce.
Saskatchewan a south central Canadian province on the U.S. border between Alberta and Manitoba.
sasquatch (sometimes cap.) a large hairy creature in human form, alleged to live in northwestern North America; bigfoot.