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shipshape well arranged; orderly; tidy. [2 definitions]
shipside the portion of a dock alongside a ship.
shipway the structure that supports a ship during construction. [2 definitions]
shipworm any of various marine bivalves that burrow into submerged wood, as of ships or piers, often causing extensive damage.
shipwreck the destruction or loss of a ship, as by being thrown against rocks or broken up in a storm. [6 definitions]
shipwright a worker engaged in the construction or repair of ships, esp. as a carpenter.
shipyard an enclosed area in which ships are constructed or repaired.
shire in Great Britain, a territorial administrative division; county.
shirk to escape from or avoid doing (one's work or duty). [2 definitions]
Shirley Temple1 singing and dancing child star of American movies in the 1930s, later a U.S. diplomat (as Shirley Temple Black); born Shirley Jane Temple (b.1928).
Shirley Temple2 a non-alcoholic cocktail named after the child movie star Shirley Temple. (See Temple, Shirley.)
Shirley Temple Black see "Shirley Temple."
shirr to gather (cloth) on three or more parallel threads to form thin pleats. [3 definitions]
shirring a drawing up or gathering up of cloth on three or more parallel threads, or a trim made by this method.
shirt a garment for the upper part of the body, often with a front opening, collar, and sleeves.
shirtdress a simple dress with a collar and a bodice with buttons down the front.
shirting any fabric used in shirts, such as broadcloth.
shirtless combined form of shirt.
shirt-sleeve not wearing a coat; casually dressed. [3 definitions]
shirttail the portion of a shirt below the waistline, esp. in the back. [2 definitions]
shirtwaist a dress or blouse for a woman, resembling a man's tailored shirt with a collar and front opening.