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themselves used to emphasize they. [3 definitions]
then at that past time. [6 definitions]
thence from that time on; thenceforth. [2 definitions]
thenceforth from then on; thereafter.
thenceforward thenceforth.
The Nibelungenlied a thirteenth-century Middle High German epic poem that recounts the adventure of Siegfried.
theo- god.
theobromine a bitter, crystalline alkaloid related to caffeine, found in cacao plants, kola nuts, chocolate, and tea, and used as a diuretic and nerve stimulant.
theocracy a form of government in which a god or gods are acknowledged as the ultimate authority. [2 definitions]
theodicy any system of theology that attempts to reconcile divine omnipotence with the presence of evil.
theodolite a precision instrument used in surveying that has a telescopic sight for measuring horizontal and vertical angles.
Theodore Roosevelt the 26th President of the United States (1901-1909), who had earlier fought in the Spanish American War in a cavalry regiment of his own formation called the Rough Riders. As president, Roosevelt worked to reform big business, show America's power to the world, create the Panama Canal, and to protect much of America's wilderness (b.1858--d.1919).
theologian a person who specializes in the study of theology or theologies.
theological of, based on, or relating to theology or theologies.
theological virtues in Christian theology, the three virtues of charity, hope, and faith, which represent perfect natural, moral, and ethical principles.
theologize to speculate or theorize on theological matters or subjects. [2 definitions]
theology the study of religion, esp. the relations between God and the universe as expressed in religious doctrine, revelation, and scripture. [2 definitions]
theorem a proposition or idea that can be proven by other formulas or propositions in mathematics, or deduced from accepted premises or assumptions in logic. [2 definitions]
theoretical of, relating to, or consisting of theory. [3 definitions]
theoretician one whose specialty is the theory or theoretical aspect of a subject or field.
theorist one who studies and produces theories, esp. in science, politics, government, or the like.