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vomitory causing or inducing vomiting; emetic. [5 definitions]
vomitus that which has been vomited. [2 definitions]
voodoo a religious cult or practice, primarily in the West Indies, that is based on the belief in the power of spells and charms. [5 definitions]
voracious consuming large quantities of food with greed or great desire; ravenous. [2 definitions]
-vorous eating or feeding on.
vortex a whirling mass of fluid, air, or the like, such as a whirlpool, that generates a vacuum in the center toward which things are drawn. [2 definitions]
votary a fervent and devoted follower, esp. of a religion, activity, leader, or ideal. [3 definitions]
vote a formal expression of preference in an election or decision. [9 definitions]
voteless without a vote. [2 definitions]
voter one who votes. [2 definitions]
voting machine a machine used in polling places to register and count votes in an election.
Voting Rights Act law enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1965 designed to protect the right to vote for all citizens regardless of race or color.
votive offered, expressed, or dedicated in order to fulfill a vow or pledge. [2 definitions]
vouch to affirm or certify someone or something to be true, truthful, genuine, or correct (usu. fol. by "for"). [3 definitions]
voucher a document that serves to prove, certify, or authorize, such as a receipt or an authorization to pay. [2 definitions]
vouchsafe to grant or give with condescension or as a special favor.
voussoir in architecture, any of the wedge-shaped pieces of stone found in an arch or vault.
Vouvray (sometimes l.c.) a medium-dry, sometimes sparkling white wine produced esp. in the province of Lorraine, in France.
vow a solemn oath, commitment, or undertaking that binds one to a particular act, service, or condition. [5 definitions]
vowel a sound in a language produced without constricting or diverting the flow of air through the mouth. [3 definitions]
vox (Latin) voice.