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academic freedom in educational institutions, the freedom of a teacher to teach, of a student to learn, and of both to discuss and hold opinions, esp. about social, political, and moral issues, without arbitrary interference or reprisals by school or public officials, organized groups, or the like.
academician one who belongs to an organization, such as an academy, that promotes learning. [2 definitions]
academicism in the arts, rigid adherence to accepted and traditional forms.
academy an institution of learning, often private or specialized. [2 definitions]
Academy Award an award given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for achievement in motion picture production and performance, also called an Oscar.
Acadia a former French colony on the northeastern coast of Canada.
acanthus any of various Mediterranean plants with large, spiny leaves. [2 definitions]
a cappella without instrumental accompaniment, as choral singing.
Acapulco a port city on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico, known for its resorts and water sports.
accede to agree or consent; assent. [2 definitions]
accelerando gradually speeding up in tempo (used as a musical direction).
accelerant a substance capable of accelerating a process, such as the spreading of a fire.
accelerate to cause (a particular activity or process) to happen faster. [4 definitions]
acceleration the act or process of accelerating. [2 definitions]
accelerator a mechanical device that regulates the speed of something, esp. the gas pedal of a car. [3 definitions]
accelerometer an instrument that measures acceleration.
accent relative prominence of a syllable within a particular word; stress. [8 definitions]
accentual of or pertaining to accent or stress in poetry. [2 definitions]
accentuate to emphasize; draw attention to. [2 definitions]
accept to receive, esp. willingly. [6 definitions]
acceptable worthy of approval; satisfactory. [3 definitions]