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active constantly doing something; busy; energetic. [7 definitions]
active duty the status of full-time service or work, esp. in the military.
active immunity an organism's immunity to a disease because of its production of antibodies.
actively in a way that involves making an effort, taking action, or participating; not passively.
activism the belief in or practice of trying to make social or political changes through active, militant, or demonstrative involvement, esp. in particular issues.
activist one who advocates a cause with vigor or militance.
activity the condition or state of being active. [4 definitions]
act of God in law, a sudden unforeseen event, esp. a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, or tornado, that is caused entirely by forces of nature and could not have been prevented.
actor one who plays roles in dramatic productions on stage, in films, or on radio and television. [2 definitions]
actress a woman or girl who plays roles in dramatic productions.
Acts see "Acts of the Apostles."
Acts of the Apostles the fifth book of the New Testament of the Christian Bible, believed to have been written by Luke, which describes the work of Jesus Christ as it was carried on after his death by his apostles.
actual truly existing or happening, not just potentially or in the imagination. [3 definitions]
actuality the state or fact of truly or currently existing; reality. [2 definitions]
actualize to make real; to give substance to.
actually as a matter of fact; really. [2 definitions]
actuary a person who calculates insurance rates, risks, and dividends on the basis of statistical probabilities.
actuate to put into action or set in motion; cause to operate. [2 definitions]
act up to behave in a bad or mischievous way; misbehave. [3 definitions]
acuity sharpness or keenness, as of sense perception or understanding.
acumen superior insight; quickness and shrewdness of judgment, esp. in practical matters.