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Adar Sheni Veadar.
add to combine (something) with something else, often to increase the quantity of the latter, or to improve it or make it more complete. [5 definitions]
addable combined form of add.
addax a large pale or whitish North African antelope that has long spiraling horns.
added further; extra.
addend a number added to one or more other numbers to form a sum.
addendum an addition or intended addition, esp. a supplement to a book or other document.
adder1 someone or something that adds.
adder2 a small poisonous snake found in Europe and Asia; viper. [2 definitions]
adder's-tongue a dogtooth violet. [2 definitions]
addict one who depends on or craves a habit-forming substance, such as a drug. [4 definitions]
addiction the condition of being addicted, esp. to a narcotic substance.
addictive tending to cause one to become addicted. [3 definitions]
adding machine a machine, often used by businesses, that is able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, esp. one that prints the work on paper.
Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia.
Addison's disease a disease caused by disturbance or failure of the adrenal glands, resulting in anemia, low blood pressure, weakness, and an abnormal brownish tinge to the skin.
addition the act or process of adding. [3 definitions]
additional more; added.
additionally in addition to what was already mentioned.
addition table a table that can be used to find the sum of two numbers.
additive involving, related to, or produced by addition. [2 definitions]