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admission the act, process, or result of allowing entry. [4 definitions]
admit to grant entry. [4 definitions]
admittance the act or process of entering or admitting. [2 definitions]
admittedly by the willing confession, admission, or acknowledgment (of the speaker).
admix to mix with or into something else; make an admixture with.
admixture the act of mixing or the condition of being mixed. [2 definitions]
admonish to caution or warn. [3 definitions]
admonition a mild but serious warning, correcting, or urging. [3 definitions]
admonitor one who admonishes.
admonitory expressing admonition.
ad nauseam until one is sick of the thing being done, told, or the like.
ado excited activity; fuss.
adobe a building material of sun-dried clay mixed with straw, usu. made into bricks. [3 definitions]
adolescence the period between puberty and adulthood. [2 definitions]
adolescent of the period between puberty and adulthood. [3 definitions]
Adolf Hitler Austrian-born chancellor and dictator of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 (b.1889--d.1945).
Adonis in Greek mythology, a young man loved by Aphrodite because of his great beauty. [2 definitions]
adopt to take on as one's own (a manner, style, or point of view). [3 definitions]
adoptable able to be adopted; able to be officially accepted or taken on as one's own, esp. as one's own child or one's pet.
adoption the act or fact of becoming the legal parent of another person's child, or the act or condition of being thus adopted as another's child. [2 definitions]
adoptive of or pertaining to adoption. [2 definitions]