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advance to move or send forward. [14 definitions]
advanced well beyond an early stage of development, or considerably beyond the level of others. [3 definitions]
advance man an agent or aide who takes care of publicity, security, and other arrangements in advance of the appearance of a politician, theater group, or the like.
advancement the act, process, or result of moving forward; progress. [2 definitions]
advantage a position or place of superiority or domination. [3 definitions]
advantageous offering benefit, gain, or profit.
advent the arrival or coming to exist, esp. of something important. [2 definitions]
Adventist an adherent of any of several Christian denominations that believe in the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ.
adventitious connected to or arising from something in a nonessential manner; accidental or incidental. [2 definitions]
adventive not native to or fully established in a locale or environment, as a plant or animal. [2 definitions]
adventure a journey or other undertaking that involves risk, danger, or excitement. [5 definitions]
adventurer one who engages in adventures. [3 definitions]
adventuresome willing to try new or risky things; adventurous.
adventuress a female adventurer, esp. one who advances by dishonest or ruthless means.
adventurism impetuous, irresponsible acts or policies, esp. by a government or someone in power, in defiant violation of commonly accepted norms of behavior.
adventurous given to taking risks and seeking excitement. [2 definitions]
adverb in grammar, a word that modifies a verb, adjective, other adverb, adverbial phrase, or sentence.
adverbial of, relating to, or functioning as an adverb.
adversarial pertaining to or involving opposition between two sides. [2 definitions]
adversary a person, group, or thing opposed to another; opponent; enemy.
adversative in grammar, indicating opposition or contrast. [2 definitions]