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agreed determined by consensus.
agreement the act of reaching, or the state of having reached, a common understanding or harmony of opinion. [5 definitions]
agribusiness large-scale industrial agriculture and related activities such as food-processing, equipment manufacture, and marketing.
agricultural having to do with agriculture or farming.
agriculture the raising of crops and livestock, or the science connected with improving the processes involved.
agriculturist an expert in the applied science of agriculture. [2 definitions]
agrimony any of various related plants of the rose family that have compound feathery leaves and bear long clusters of small yellow flowers on spiky stalks, and a prickly fruit. [2 definitions]
agro- soil; earth; field.
agrobiology the applied science of plant growth and nutrition aimed at improving soil conditions and crop yield.
agrochemical a chemical used to enhance the quality and increase the quantity of farm produce. [2 definitions]
agroforestry a land management system that uses trees or shrubs in cropland to improve sustainability.
agronomy the study and application of scientific methods of soil management and field crop production; scientific agriculture.
aground on or onto ground, esp. under water. [2 definitions]
agt. abbreviation of "agent," a person with authority to perform certain actions on behalf of another.
ague a fever accompanied by recurring periods of chills and sweating; malarial fever. [2 definitions]
ah used to express surprise, joy, pain, agreement, dislike, and other emotions or reactions according to the context.
aha an exclamation, usu. of surprise, mockery, or triumph.
Ahab in the Old Testament, a king of Israel and husband of Jezebel. [2 definitions]
a hard row to hoe a very difficult task or situation.
ahead in front of; in advance of. [6 definitions]
ahead of further toward the front than. [3 definitions]