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air force the aviation branch of a nation's military forces, or one of the units under an air command.
air-fuel pertaining to the air and fuel injected at the same time into a combustion engine.
air gun a gun that is operated by compressed air and usu. fires small pellets. [2 definitions]
air hole an opening for the intake or discharge of air or gas. [3 definitions]
airily in a lighthearted manner; breezily. [2 definitions]
airiness the quality or condition of being airy or fresh. [2 definitions]
airing an exposure to air or wind, so as to refresh or dry. [3 definitions]
air lane a route regularly used by aircraft; airway.
airless lacking air or fresh air; stuffy. [2 definitions]
air letter an airmail letter. [2 definitions]
airlift the systematic transportation of people or supplies by air when ground routes are impossible or dangerous to use, esp. in a battle zone or during an emergency. [2 definitions]
airline a system of transportation by air offering scheduled flights between various points, or a business that owns and operates the equipment required by such a system. [2 definitions]
airliner a commercial passenger airplane.
air lock an airtight compartment in which the air pressure can be regulated, usu. situated between two areas that have different air pressures, as in underwater operations. [2 definitions]
airmail of, pertaining to, or intended for use with mail sent by air. [5 definitions]
airman in the U.S. Air Force, an enlisted person of one of the four lowest ranks. [3 definitions]
air mass a body of air that covers a wide area and has little horizontal variation in temperature, pressure, or moisture.
air mattress a mattress filled with air, used esp. for camping, mobile living, or as an extra bed for visitors.
air-minded enthusiastic about aviation.
air one's dirty linen in public to make public embarrassing or shameful private facts about oneself or others.
air piracy the hijacking of an airplane, helicopter, or the like.