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amt. abbreviation of "amount," the sum of two or more quantities; total.
amuck variant of amok.
amulet a charm or talisman worn for good luck or to ward off evil.
amuse to occupy the attention of in a pleasing manner; entertain. [2 definitions]
amusement something that amuses or diverts; entertainment. [3 definitions]
amusement park an outdoor place offering games, rides on merry-go-rounds and roller coasters, and the like, and refreshments.
amusing able to amuse, divert, or entertain. [2 definitions]
amygdalin an organic compound derived from bitter almonds and related fruits, used to produce laetrile and as an expectorant.
amyl the small organic molecule derived from pentane; pentyl. [2 definitions]
amylaceous of, concerning, or resembling starch.
amylase any of a class of enzymes, found in saliva and many tissues of plants and animals, that break down starch to sugars.
amyloid a starchy substance, as in food. [3 definitions]
amyloidosis a condition characterized by deposition of amyloid in the body.
amylopsin an enzyme produced by the pancreas, capable of converting starch into sugar.
amylum starch.
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis a disease that causes loss of control in muscle movement because of the degeneration of nerve cells; Lou Gehrig's disease.
-an one that is from, belongs to, or lives in. [4 definitions]
an variant of the indefinite article "a," used before words starting with a vowel or vowel sound. [2 definitions]
an-1 not; without.
an-2 to.
-ana collected items or information pertaining to (such) a subject.