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anagrammatize to change (a word or phrase) into a new word or phrase by transposing the letters.
anal of or pertaining to the anus. [2 definitions]
analects a collection of selected passages or excerpts from one or more authors.
analeptic of medication, restoring strength to the body after a disease or after the effects of sedatives. [2 definitions]
analgesia in medicine, an absence of pain sensations.
analgesic a drug, lotion, or the like that relieves pain. [2 definitions]
analog representing information by physical measurements.
analog clock a clock that displays the time using a long hand to show the hour and a short hand to show the minutes.
analog computer a computer that uses physical quantities such as pressure or electric voltages to represent data. (Cf. digital computer.)
analogical of, expressing, or based on a certain similarity between two items that are otherwise dissimilar.
analogize to reason or argue by use of analogy. [3 definitions]
analogous similar or corresponding in the manner of an analogy. [2 definitions]
analogue something similar to something else. [2 definitions]
analogy similarity or correspondence between two otherwise dissimilar things. [5 definitions]
anal-retentive in psychoanalysis, having or showing unusual obstinacy, frugality, or an excessive concern with trivial details that supposedly results from conflict over toilet training in childhood. [2 definitions]
analysand a person who is undergoing psychoanalysis.
analyse a spelling of "analyze" used in Canada and Britain. See "analyze" for more information.
analyses plural of analysis.
analysis careful scrutiny of constituent parts in order to thoroughly understand the whole. [4 definitions]
analyst someone trained and licensed in the profession of psychoanalysis. [2 definitions]
analytic of, pertaining to, or resulting from analysis. [2 definitions]