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anapest a measure of poetic meter consisting of two short or unstressed syllables followed by one long or stressed syllable.
anaphora the repeating of a word or phrase at the beginnings of several successive sentences, paragraphs, or the like.
anaphrodisiac causing or capable of causing a decrease in sexual desire. [2 definitions]
anaphylaxis extreme allergic reaction to a substance, typically a foreign protein or drug, following a previous exposure to the same substance.
anarchic characterized by or tending toward anarchy. [2 definitions]
anarchism a theory that advocates the abolition of all forms of government as a necessary step towards achieving political and social liberty. [2 definitions]
anarchist a person who believes in, desires, or tries to obtain a society or state without a government. [2 definitions]
anarchy absence of government or law within a state or society. [3 definitions]
an arm and a leg (informal) a very large amount of money, in the speaker's opinion.
anastigmatic free from astigmatism; esp. of compound lenses, being such that each part of the lens corrects the astigmatism in the other part.
anastomose to connect, either by natural branching growth or by surgery (parts of a blood vessel, nerve, or any branching system).
anastomosis an interconnection between branches or tributaries, as in a river or blood vessels. [2 definitions]
anastrophe reversal of the normal sentence structure or word order, as in the sentence "To the battlefield rode the commanders."
anathema something or someone despised or cursed. [3 definitions]
anathematize to utter strong or vehement curses against (someone or something). [4 definitions]
anatomical of or pertaining to the structure of a plant or animal. [2 definitions]
anatomical peculiarity a physical trait or characteristic of one's body that is considered unusual or abnormal.
anatomist a student of or expert on the structures of animals or plants.
anatomize to dissect (a plant or animal) in order to examine in detail the structure or location of various parts. [2 definitions]
anatomy the structure of an organism or of its parts. [4 definitions]
ANC abbreviation of "African National Congress," South African political party founded in 1912, whose struggle to establish majority rule and eliminate apartheid led to the establishment in 1994 of South Africa's first multi-racial, democratically-elected government.