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angular consisting of, having, or forming one or more angles. [3 definitions]
angularity the quality of having an angular outline. [2 definitions]
angulation an angular position. [3 definitions]
anhinga any of various large swimming and diving birds of tropical and subtropical America that have a long sharp bill and a long snaky neck; snakebird.
anhydride a chemical compound derived from another through the removal of water.
anhydrous without water.
anil a shrub of the pea family that is native to the West Indies, and from which indigo is obtained, or the blue dye itself. [2 definitions]
aniline an oily, colorless, poisonous liquid used in producing rubber, drugs, and dyes. [2 definitions]
aniline dye any of a large number of synthetic dyes, made mainly from coal-tar products.
anima the principle of life; inner self; consciousness.
animadversion criticism that is unfavorable. [2 definitions]
animadvert to make remarks of criticism or disapproval (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon").
animal a living creature that is generally distinguished from plants by its cellular structure and by the ability to move voluntarily. [5 definitions]
animal cracker a small cookie or cracker baked in any of various animal shapes.
animalcule a tiny or microscopic creature.
animal husbandry the science or practice of raising and breeding domestic animals, such as livestock.
animalism the condition or quality of being motivated mainly by physical drives and appetites. [2 definitions]
animality the essential characteristics or nature of an animal. [3 definitions]
animalize to make (someone or something) be or resemble an animal or brute or animal matter.
animal magnetism an internal biological force supposed by Franz Mesmer to induce hypnotism in others; biomagnetism.
animal rights rights of animals not to be subordinated to the needs and wants of human beings.