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ante- before; earlier than. [2 definitions]
anteater any of several toothless mammals such as the aardvark and pangolin that feed mainly on ants or termites by means of a long, sticky tongue.
antebellum in or of the period prior to a war, esp. the American Civil War. (Cf. postbellum.)
antecede to go before in time, or to be higher in rank or place.
antecedence the act of going before, or the state of being ahead; precedence.
antecedent occurring before; previous. [4 definitions]
antechamber a small room that acts as a waiting room or entryway to a larger room; anteroom.
antedate to be earlier than; precede in time. [3 definitions]
antediluvian of the period before the Flood told of in the Bible. [4 definitions]
antelope any of several ruminant mammals of Africa or Asia, having long legs and long, hollow horns. [3 definitions]
ante meridiem see "A.M."
antenna a metal device that sends or receives electromagnetic signals. [2 definitions]
antepenult the third from last syllable in a word, such as "get" in "forgetfulness".
antepenultimate the third item from the end in a series, esp. a syllable in a word; antepenult. [2 definitions]
anterior located near or at the front. (Cf. posterior.) [2 definitions]
anteroom a small room that acts as an entry to a larger room; waiting room.
anthem a song of praise or patriotism. [2 definitions]
anther in botany, the part of a flower's stamen that bears pollen.
antheridium the organ in flowerless and seedless plants that produces male sex cells.
anthill a mound produced by ants in making their nest.
anthocyanin any of a group of plant pigments ranging in color from red to blue.