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anticigarette combined form of cigarette.
anticipant arriving or taking action in advance. [3 definitions]
anticipate to look forward to; expect. [3 definitions]
anticipation the act or process of anticipating. [3 definitions]
anticipative full of anticipation; awaiting or expectant.
anticipatory of, feeling, or expressing anticipation.
anticity hostile, opposed, or causing harm to urban environments.
anticlassical combined form of classical.
anticlerical opposed to the influence of the clergy or church in public affairs, esp. politics.
anticlimactic of, pertaining to, or being in the nature of an anticlimax.
anticlimax a disappointingly weak or ordinary conclusion or event, following events or statements that build expectations for something powerful or moving. [3 definitions]
anticline a formation of rock layers characterized by two downward slopes going in opposite directions from a central crest. (Cf. syncline.)
anticling combined form of cling.
anticlotting combined form of clotting.
anticoagulant that prevents thickening and solidifying, esp. of blood; inhibiting coagulation. [2 definitions]
anticoagulation the process of hindering the clotting of blood.
anticold combined form of cold.
anticollision combined form of collision.
anticolonial combined form of colonial.
anticolonialism combined form of colonialism.
anticolonialist combined form of colonialist.