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antilitter combined form of litter.
antilittering combined form of littering.
Antilles the main island chain of the West Indies that includes Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and several smaller islands stretching to the coast of Venezuela.
antilogarithm in mathematics, the number that corresponds to a particular logarithm.
antilogical combined form of logical.
antilogy a contradiction in statements or terms.
antilynching combined form of lynching.
antimacassar a covering, usu. decorative, used on the back or arms of a chair or sofa to protect the upholstery.
antimacho combined form of macho.
antimagnetic unaffected by a magnetic field; resistant to magnetization.
antimalaria combined form of malaria.
antimalarial effective in preventing or fighting malaria. [2 definitions]
antiman combined form of man.
antimanagement combined form of management.
antimarijuana combined form of marijuana.
antimarket combined form of market.
antimaterialism combined form of materialism.
antimaterialist combined form of materialist.
antimatter in physics, matter having particles comparable to those of common matter, but with opposite electrical charges or magnetic characteristics.
antimere either of the corresponding parts that can be the result of dividing an animal symmetrically.
antimerger combined form of merger.