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antipopular combined form of popular.
antipornographic combined form of pornographic.
antipornography combined form of pornography.
antipoverty intended to diminish or end poverty.
antipredator combined form of predator.
antiprofiteering combined form of profiteering.
antiprogressive combined form of progressive.
antiprostitution combined form of prostitution.
antiproton in physics, the antiparticle of a proton.
antipruritic combined form of pruritic.
antipyretic diminishing or preventing fever. [2 definitions]
antiquarian of or pertaining to antiques, or the study of them. [3 definitions]
antiquark the antiparticle of the quark.
antiquary a student or collector of, or expert in, antiques or antiquities.
antiquate to make obsolete or old-fashioned.
antique made in or belonging to earlier times; of a period long past. [5 definitions]
antiquity ancient times, esp. prior to the Middle Ages. [4 definitions]
antirabies combined form of rabies.
antiracism combined form of racism.
antiracist combined form of racist.
antiradar combined form of radar.