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apostolate the office, duties, mission, or term of activity of an apostle, or, esp., of the pope as head of the Apostolic See in the Roman Catholic Church.
apostolic having to do with Jesus Christ's apostles or their teachings. [2 definitions]
Apostolic See the pope's see or center of authority, believed to have been founded at Rome by Peter.
apostolic succession a doctrine of certain Christian faiths that their bishops are the successors in an unbroken line to the apostles of Jesus Christ.
apostrophe1 a mark (') used to show the omission of one or more letters or numbers from a word or figure, as in "wouldn't" for "would not" and "'87" for "1987". [3 definitions]
apostrophe2 esp. in drama, an address to someone absent or imaginary, or to an object or idea.
apostrophize to address (a person, usu. absent, or a personified object or idea). [2 definitions]
apothecaries' measure a system of fluid measure used to dispense liquid drugs.
apothecaries' weight a system of weights used to dispense drugs.
apothecary a person who prepares and sells drugs and other medicines; pharmacist.
apothegm a short instructive saying; maxim; aphorism.
apotheosis elevation to the status of a god. [2 definitions]
apotheosize to raise to the status of god; deify; glorify.
app (informal) in computing, a shortened form of "application program." [2 definitions]
appal variant of appall.
Appalachia a region in the United States extending from southwestern Pennsylvania to northwestern Georgia and including the southern Appalachian Mountains.
Appalachian of or pertaining to Appalachia.
Appalachian Mountains mountain system in eastern North America extending from southeastern Canada to central Alabama in the United States; Appalachians.
appall to cause to feel horror, shock, dismay, or the like.
appalling causing shock, dismay, or consternation; frightful.
appaloosa a hardy saddle horse of a breed developed in western North America, usu. having a spotted black and white hide.