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approbation approval; praise. [2 definitions]
appropriate fitting the practical or social requirements of the situation; seemly; suitable. [3 definitions]
appropriation the act of appropriating, or something appropriated. [2 definitions]
approval the act of approving. [2 definitions]
approve to give official sanction to. [3 definitions]
approx. abbreviation of "approximate" or "approximately."
approximate very close in accuracy; nearly exact or correct. [6 definitions]
approximately close to, in the area of.
approximation the act of approximating. [3 definitions]
appurtenance something that supplements a more important thing; adjunct. [2 definitions]
Apr. abbreviation of "April," the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty days.
apraxia a disorder that prevents certain complex muscular movements, caused by damage to the brain.
a pretty penny (informal) a high price or large amount of money.
apricot a soft round fruit with fuzzy orange-pink or yellow skin. [3 definitions]
April the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty days.
April fool one upon whom a trick or practical joke is played on April Fools' Day.
April Fools' Day the first day of April, when tricks and practical jokes are customarily played on unsuspecting people.
a priori proceeding from cause to effect or from the general to the particular; deductive. [3 definitions]
apron a garment covering all or part of the front of the body, usu. worn to protect the wearer's clothing. [3 definitions]
apropos appropriate; relevant; opportune. [4 definitions]
apse a projection at the end of a church or other building, usu. having a domed or arched roof.