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arc any curved line; anything shaped like a bow or curve. [4 definitions]
arcade a series of arches connected and supported by pillars, columns, or the like. [3 definitions]
Arcadia an isolated mountainous region in southern Greece, associated in ancient times with rustic simplicity and innocence.
Arcadian of or pertaining to Arcadia. [4 definitions]
arcane of a secret or esoteric nature; mysterious; abstruse.
arcanum (often pl.) a deep secret or mystery, as of nature. [3 definitions]
arc furnace an electric furnace in which heat is produced by an arc formed between the material being heated and an electrode, or between two electrodes.
-arch leader; ruler.
arch1 a structural element, usu. of masonry, that is curved and used to span an open space such as a door. [5 definitions]
arch2 mischievous, sly, or teasing.
arch- principal; main. [3 definitions]
archaeo- ancient.
archaeoastronomy the study of the astronomy of prehistoric cultures.
archaeological of or relating to archaeology.
archaeologist a scientist who works in the field of archaeology, the study of past human life and culture.
archaeology the systematic and scientific study of past human life and culture using information gained from the analysis of their artifacts, such as pottery, tools, buildings, and the like.
archaic having the features or characteristics typical of a much older time; antiquated. [3 definitions]
archaism something archaic, such as a word or expression. [2 definitions]
archangel a high-ranking celestial being, esp. in medieval Christian theology, a member of the nine orders of angels. [2 definitions]
archbishop a highest ranking bishop who officiates over a church diocese or province.
archbishopric the position, rank, or term of an archbishop. [2 definitions]