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archduchy the territory controlled by an archduke or archduchess.
archduke a title given to a ruling prince, esp. in the former royal families of Austria.
Archean of, relating to, or designating the earlier of two geological periods of the Precambrian Era, ending approximately 2.5 billion years ago, during which highly crystalline igneous and metamorphic rocks were formed; Early Precambrian; Archeozoic; azoic. [2 definitions]
archegonium the female reproductive organ in ferns, mosses, and some similar plants.
archenemy a chief or principal enemy. [2 definitions]
archenteron the primitive digestive cavity at the center of an embryo that is in the gastrula stage.
archeology variant of archaeology.
Archeozoic see "Archean."
archer one who uses a bow and arrow. [2 definitions]
archery the sport or practice of shooting with bows and arrows.
archetype an original model or pattern from which others are made or copied; prototype.
archfiend a chief fiend. [2 definitions]
archiblast the outer layer of an embryo in a very early, two-layered stage of development. [2 definitions]
archidiaconal of or concerning an archdeacon or the office thereof.
archiepiscopal of or pertaining to an archbishop.
archimandrite in the Eastern Church, the head of a monastery or monasteries. [2 definitions]
Archimedes a Greek mathematician and inventor (287?-212 B.C.).
archipelago a large body of water containing many islands. [3 definitions]
architect one who designs buildings and oversees their construction. [2 definitions]
architectonic of, concerning, or resembling architecture, esp. in structure or design.
architectonics (used with a sing. verb) the science of designing and constructing buildings. [2 definitions]