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archegonium the female reproductive organ in ferns, mosses, and some similar plants.
archenemy a chief or principal enemy. [2 definitions]
archenteron the primitive digestive cavity at the center of an embryo that is in the gastrula stage.
archeology variant of archaeology.
Archeozoic see "Archean."
archer one who uses a bow and arrow. [2 definitions]
archery the sport or practice of shooting with bows and arrows.
archetype an original model or pattern from which others are made or copied; prototype.
archfiend a chief fiend. [2 definitions]
archiblast the outer layer of an embryo in a very early, two-layered stage of development. [2 definitions]
archidiaconal of or concerning an archdeacon or the office thereof.
archiepiscopal of or pertaining to an archbishop.
archimandrite in the Eastern Church, the head of a monastery or monasteries. [2 definitions]
Archimedes a Greek mathematician and inventor (287?-212 B.C.).
archipelago a large body of water containing many islands. [3 definitions]
architect one who designs buildings and oversees their construction. [2 definitions]
architectonic of, concerning, or resembling architecture, esp. in structure or design.
architectonics (used with a sing. verb) the science of designing and constructing buildings. [2 definitions]
architectural of or pertaining to architecture.
architecture the act or process of designing buildings, or the profession of an architect. [3 definitions]
architrave in architecture, the lowermost beam resting directly on supporting columns. [2 definitions]