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arrack in the Middle East and neighboring areas, any of various liquors distilled from materials such as fermented rice or molasses.
arraign to bring before a court of law to respond to a charge or indictment. [2 definitions]
arraignment an instance of being brought before a court of law to respond to a charge or indictment.
arrange to put in a desired order or configuration. [4 definitions]
arrangement the act of putting together in a decided-upon way. [6 definitions]
arrant complete; unmitigated; downright.
arras a richly woven tapestry. [2 definitions]
array to put in proper order; arrange. [6 definitions]
arrearage the condition of being in arrears or behind in the payment of a debt. [2 definitions]
arrears a debt that is late in being paid. [2 definitions]
arrest to slow down; impede; stop. [6 definitions]
arresting capable of attracting and holding attention. [2 definitions]
arrhythmia any abnormality in the rhythm or strength of the heartbeat.
arris in architecture, the edge, ridge, or line made when two surfaces meet at an angle, as in a molding.
arrival the act of reaching a certain place or goal. [2 definitions]
arrive to reach a certain place or goal. [2 definitions]
arrivederci (Italian) until next time; good-bye (used to suggest that the separation will be brief).
arriviste one who has recently attained wealth, status, or the like, often in suspect or dishonest ways; parvenu; social climber.
arrogance the condition or quality of being arrogant; excessive belief in one's superiority; excessive pride. [2 definitions]
arrogant having or displaying an attitude of inflated self-importance or pride. [2 definitions]
arrogate to claim presumptuously for oneself without just cause. [2 definitions]