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ascension the act or process of rising; ascent. [3 definitions]
Ascension Day the fortieth day following Easter, observing the ascent of Jesus Christ into heaven.
ascent the act of going up; rise. [4 definitions]
ascertain to come to know (some information) with complete certainty, especially through a process of investigation; determine.
ascertainable combined form of ascertain.
ascetic one who practices extreme self-denial, esp. of material comforts and pleasures, and esp. for religious reasons. [3 definitions]
asceticism the practices, doctrines, or way of living of an ascetic. [2 definitions]
ascidian any of various marine animals, such as the sea squirts, that have a saclike body enclosed by a thick tuniclike membrane.
ascidium a saclike or pitcherlike part of a plant, such as the leaf of the bladderwort or pitcher plant.
ASCII abbreviation of "American Standard Code for Information Interchange," originally, a standard code using numbers to represent characters used in writing English, allowing textual data to be transferred between computers. ASCII has been expanded to allow character sets from other languages to be similarly encoded.
ascomycete a fungus of a type that reproduces through spores developed in a sac, such as the yeasts, mildews, and truffles.
ascorbic acid an organic acid found in many foods, esp. citrus fruits, and required in human nutrition for the production of collagen; vitamin C.
ascot a wide scarf or necktie, tied so that one end lies flat on top of the other on the chest.
ascribe to attribute (something) to a particular cause or source. [2 definitions]
ascription the act of attributing or assigning. [2 definitions]
ASE abbreviation of "American Stock Exchange."
asepsis the condition of being free of microorganisms that cause disease or decay. [2 definitions]
aseptic free of bacteria or germs that cause disease or decay. [3 definitions]
asexual having no sex or sex organs; sexless. [2 definitions]
as far as to the extent that.
as good as essentially equal to; practically the same as.