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Asian-American of or pertaining to Americans of Asian descent or to their history or culture.
Asian flu a virulent strain of the influenza virus that probably spread from Asia; Asian influenza.
Asiatic of or pertaining to Asia or its peoples; Asian.
Asiatic Barred Zone a region including most of Asia from which immigration to the United States was banned as part of the Immigration Act of 1917.
Asiatic cholera an acute, infectious, often fatal disease caused by bacteria and characterized by severe diarrhea, intestinal cramps, and dehydration; cholera.
Asiatic pennywort a small creeping plant used in herbal medicine; Centella.
aside on the side; toward the side. [6 definitions]
aside from with the exception of; besides.
as if how it would be if.
asinine silly or willfully stupid. [2 definitions]
ask to put a question to (someone). [11 definitions]
askance with a sideways glance; indirectly. [2 definitions]
ask around to try to find out something by asking people of one's acquaintance the same question.
askew not straight; awry. [2 definitions]
asking price the price or cost of an item for sale (used by a seller usu. to indicate a willingness to accept less money after bargaining).
ask out to invite (someone) to go out on a date.
aslant in a slanting direction; obliquely; slantingly. [2 definitions]
asleep sleeping. [7 definitions]
as long as on the condition that; provided that. [3 definitions]
aslope at a slant; sloping.
Asmara the capital of Eritrea.