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asthmatic suffering from asthma. [3 definitions]
as though as if.
astigmatic pertaining to or having astigmatism. [3 definitions]
astigmatism an irregularity in the curvature of a lens, including that of the eye, that prevents rays of light from meeting in a single focal point, resulting in an indistinct or distorted image. [2 definitions]
astilbe any plant of the genus Astilbe, having small red, white, or pink flowers.
astir in action; moving. [2 definitions]
as to with regard to; concerning. [2 definitions]
astonish to fill, suddenly, with great surprise or amazement.
astonishing extremely surprising or amazing.
astonishment great surprise or amazement.
astound to overcome with surprise, awe, or wonder; amaze.
astounding causing tremendous surprise or wonder; extremely amazing.
astraddle having one leg on each side; astride.
astrakhan a lustrous curly or wavy fur made from the pelts of young lambs. [2 definitions]
astral of, concerning, emanating from, or resembling the stars; stellar. [2 definitions]
astray off the right or known path or course. [2 definitions]
astride over or upon and with a leg on each side of; straddling. [4 definitions]
astringent having the effect of drawing together, esp. of contracting body tissues so as to stop secretions or bleeding; styptic. [4 definitions]
astro- star.
astrodome a transparent dome mounted on the top of an aircraft fuselage to facilitate the use of navigational or astronomical instruments.
astrolabe an instrument used by the ancient Greeks and medieval Arabs to determine the position of heavenly bodies, later replaced by the sextant.